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The Generations League is a way for Juniors to get some competitive golf, playing in a greensomes event with a partner from a different generation. (Fathers, Mothers, Uncles, Grandparents etc)

It is a series of events through the year, and points can be scored each time you play.

The final event is always the Brown Bowl which is a generations style tournament.

Participation by non-member junior and adults:

Whilst the Generations League has been created largely to cater for Piltdown’s own Junior golfers, normally but not necessarily playing with an adult Piltdown member, the competition will also be open to juniors and adults who are not currently members of Piltdown. In the hope of encouraging greater participation in golf by both junior and adult golfers in the Piltdown catchment area, the Generations League will accept entries from a Piltdown Junior member playing with a non-member adult, a non-member junior playing with an adult Piltdown member and, subject to approval by the organisers, from a junior and adult pair of whom neither are currently Piltdown members. Junior participants who are not currently members of Piltdown will be expected to join the club as Junior members once they have played in two qualifying rounds of the Generations League, if they plan to continue participation in the League. However, as the Generations League is primarily targeted at junior golfers, there will be no absolute requirement for adult participants who are not members to join Piltdown, although it is to be hoped that, as a minimum, they might wish to have a more formal relationship with the club as Social members or Academy members.

The entry fee for the Generations League will be £10 per pair, payable in advance of the first competition in the series in which the pair participate. All of the entry fees will go towards the prize fund for the League, to be used for prizes at the conclusion of the League.

The entrance fee for each individual competition will be £3 per pair, all of which will go towards prizes for that day’s competition. Junior and adult non-members will also pay a £10 Guest green fee applicable for the day of the competition on each occasion that they play.