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Privacy Policy

So that we can provide a Golf Club and course suited to the best interests of its members and other course users, we have to collect information. This information may include details of members, guests, visitors, current, past and prospective employees and suppliers.

Piltdown Golf Club is committed to the correct treatment of personal data. We fully appreciate the underlying principles of the Data Protection Act and support and adhere to its provisions. The Act uses the term "Personal Data" which essentially means any recorded information held by us and from which a living individual can be identified.


This policy was updated in 2018 to take into account the GDPR regulations from 25th May 2018.

Piltdown Golf Club will always ensure that:

  1. Personal data shall be processed fairly.
  2. Personal data shall only be obtained one or more specified lawful purposes and shall not be further
  3. processed in any manner incompatible with that purpose or those purposes.
  4. Personal Data will be adequate, relevant and not excessive.
  5. Data is accurate and kept up to date.
  6. Data is not kept longer than is necessary.
  7. Data shall be processed in accordance with the individual’s rights.
  8. Each individual has a right to be forgotten.
  9. Data will be kept securely.
  10. Data will not be transmitted abroad without adequate protection.

We confirm we will not process data unless one or other of the following conditions apply:-

  1. It is required under a legal obligation.
  2. To protect the interest of the individual.
  3. It is for the purpose of carrying out public functions, including complying with legal obligations.
  4. The Data Subject has consented to the processing.
  5. It forms part of a Legitimate Interest of contact with the individual. eg We are summising that any existing Club member will want to be contacted as part of their membership to keep up to date and informed of events, competitions, news etc

Sensitive personal data will not be processed unless one of the following pre-conditions are met:-

  1. The individual has consented.
  2. The information is required by law for employment purposes.
  3. It is for the protection of the individual or another person.
  4. It is required to be processed by operation of law.
  5. Individuals have the right of access to data held about them. If a request for information is made we will reply as quickly as is practical at no cost to the individual.
  6. We will only process data necessary
  7. To establish, maintain membership or support.
  8. To provide or administer activities for people who are members of the organisation or who regular contact with it unless it is necessary to share with people and organisations to carry out the organisation’s activity.

We will only keep the information for up to one year after the individual ceases to be a member or supporter.

Phil Bonsall
17th January 2018